Tier System

  • The missions will utilize a tier system. These tiers will range from Difficulty 0 (D0) to Difficulty 3 (D3). D0 missions are legal missions which have a 100% success rate. These missions require no initial deposit, but they have a low reward rate.
  • D1 to D3 missions are illegal missions. These missions have a risk factor where you are never 100% guaranteed to succeed. These missions require an initial deposit which increases for each tier. Canceling these missions will cause a penalty. Pen Frens NFTs will never be burned.
D = Difficulty
D0 = X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES, takes X hours. - Requires X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES as a deposit. D1 = X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES. takes X hours - Requires X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES as a deposit. D2 = X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES, takes X hours - Requires X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES as a deposit. D3 = X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES, takes X hours - Requires X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES as a deposit.

$SMOKES & $CRED missions

  • $SMOKES missions are located in the prison. These missions focus on rewarding prisoners so they can afford a day release so that they can earn $CRED → buy yourself out from prison. Canceling a $SMOKES mission will not burn the $SMOKES, but put them back into the mission supply.
  • $CRED missions are located outside of prison. $CRED missions pretty much work the same way as $SMOKES missions except that if you cancel a $CRED mission, the initial deposit of $CRED will be burned.

Mission Unlock System:

D0 is the standard, this means that it will be unlocked from the start. Difficulty 1-3 however, are locked missions. This means you would have to pay X amount of $CRED or $SMOKES in order to unlock them. Example - Difficulty 0 → Difficulty 1 = 50 $SMOKES or $CRED unlocking Fee - Difficulty 1 → Difficulty 2 = 150 $SMOKES or $CRED unlocking Fee - Difficulty 2 → Difficulty 3 = 200 $SMOKES or $CRED unlocking Fee The unlocking fees shown above are just examples.

Vending Machine

Until the mission system is fully created and up and running, there will be a vending machine site where holders can claim 2 $SMOKES every 24 hours.
The reward amount will be based on “Difficulty 0” of $SMOKES Reward Rates.
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