Animated Series

Develop Pen Frens the animated series and seek international sales and distribution.
  • Mint Male characters for animated series
  • Form industry partnerships
  • Finalize series format
  • Pre-production scripting, budgeting, staffing & scheduling
  • Produce pilot as a sales tool
  • Shop pilot episode to international markets
  • Secure sales & distribution
  • Produce full length episodes

#PF4L Confessions

Create a series of short animated holder-generated "confessions" as weekly YouTube content.


Implement the tokenomics plan, including Full Body versions of Pen Frens. This will include the development of missions and utility based adventure mini-games.


We will develop a marketplace utility for our $SMOKES and $CRED tokens. This tool will enable holders to customize their Pen Frens PFPs and mint fully body versions.

Animation Services

Provide animation services to other projects.
  • 1/1s
  • Hype Videos
  • Lore Videos
  • Narrative & Explainer Videos
  • Fully Animated Generative Collections

Animation Pipeline & Art Engine

We have developed a powerful art engine and animation pipeline. We want to share these tools and empower more creators to push the limits and bring their static collections to life with animation.
We are connecting with communities through Discord and Twitter to provide this service.

Mint Female Pen Frens

In order to tell our stories we'll need a bit more diversity, our second mint will be a female Pen Frens collection.
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