Pen Frens will feature a dual tokenomics system, $SMOKES & $CREDS.


$SMOKES is a utility token. What is special with $SMOKES is that it will never have a LP. $SMOKES is the currency used within the prison. The main use case for $SMOKES is to stack it up and use it to unlock new prison missions, until you stack up enough $CRED to buy yourself out of prison.


$CRED is the main token for the project. This token will have a liquidity pool made for it. $CRED is what will be used for a majority of tools / services coming to the Pen Frens project. You will also need to stack up $CRED for the $CRED based missions.

Token Utility

Customization Tool

Upgrade your Pen Fren. Haircuts, tattoos, piercings, clothing, accessories and even additional animations.

Animation Service

Animate any PFP from any collection in exchange for $CRED / $DUST

Community Service

  • IRL & digital merch
  • Raffles, giveaways & auctions
  • Future additional utilities TBA
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